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  2. Yakatabune (houseboat)

Yakatabune (houseboat)

Hita's Ukai and Yakatabune (houseboat)

  • The skillful skill of cormorants who have been handed down for 400 years.
    The spectacle seen from the Yakatabune (houseboat) is Yakatabune (houseboat), and the light of the Yakatabune (houseboat) seen from the riverbank is fantastic.
    In addition, the taste of sweetfish enjoyed on board is exceptional.
UkaiMay 20 to the end of October
Yakatabune (houseboat) fee[10-seater]13,000 yen/`` 20 people '' 26,000 yen
[30-seater]39,000 yen/`` 40 seater '' 52,000 yen
[50 seater]65,000 yen

(Including Ukai viewing fee and tax)
Sharing[Adult(s)]One person:Approximately 3,000 yen
  • When you board a Yakatabune (houseboat), you can change into a yukata and enjoy boating.

    Among the plan of this facility is "Only this time ☆ Yakatabune (houseboat) dinner! Hita's summer plan to enjoy in yukata"
    Available.In this plan, yukata rental and dressing are free.
    We have various colored yukatas for men and women.
    You can choose your favorite obi, accessories, and geta.
    Yakatabune (houseboat) is no doubt that the Yakatabune (houseboat) and yukata will look great on Instagram!
    Experience pleasant summer memories.

  • 【Kishitsuki tempura boat】

    "Kishitsuki Tempura Boat" that started on June 1st *By appointment only
    Please enjoy the freshly fried tempura that craftsmen fry right in front of you on board.

    ☆Hours 18:00 to 21:00
    ☆8 kinds of menu tempura, charcoal grilled beef tongue, 3 dishes, tofu pan + 90 minutes all-you-can-drink
    ☆Price One person 3,980 yen(Tax included)*From 2 people

    【Inquiries】 To sister building KIZAN Club 0973-28-5230
  • 【Enjoy the sunset on a Western-style Yakatabune (houseboat)! BBQ on board】

    At the sister house KIZAN Club, a Western-style Yakatabune (houseboat) that was very popular last year
    "Boat barbecue" has started this year.*By appointment only
    Please spend a good time with your friends while watching the sunset of Mikuma River.

    ☆Hours 18:00 to 21:00
    ☆Price One person 3,980 yen(Tax included)*From 2 people

    You can rest assured that the all-you-can-drink for 90 minutes (self-serve) is a reasonable price.
    We also accept reservations for private use, so please feel free to contact us.

    【Inquiries】 To the sister building KIZAN Club (0973) 28-5230