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Introducing sightseeing spots in Hita

  • Hita's Ukai and Yakatabune (houseboat)

    The skillful skill of cormorants who have been handed down for 400 years.
    The spectacle seen from the Yakatabune (houseboat) is Yakatabune (houseboat), and the light of the Yakatabune (houseboat) seen from the riverbank is fantastic.
    In addition, the taste of sweetfish enjoyed on board is exceptional.
    May 20 to the end of October

    【Yakatabune (houseboat) fee】
    [10-seater]13,000 yen/`` 20 people '' 26,000 yen
    [30-seater]39,000 yen/`` 40 seater '' 52,000 yen
    [50 seater]65,000 yen
    (Including Ukai viewing fee and tax)

    [Adult(s)]One person:Approximately 3,000 yen
  • Mameda's retro city walk

    In the Edo period, Mameda Town was under the direct control of the shogunate and flourished as a townspeople.
    White walls, tiled roofs, and nostalgic townscapes still remain, and the houses of the wealthy merchants such as the Hirose Clan and the Kusanohonke recall their prosperity.
    Also, if you leave the busy Mameda Town of Mameda Town and go to the banks of the Kagetsu River,
    Forget about your everyday life in the stream of the river and the play of waterfowls.
    Rickshaws are also running!
    【Inquiries】0973-22-2036 Tenryo Hita Rickshaw(Inside Hita Tourism Association)
  • Kuncho Brewery(Sake Brewery Museum)

    The existing sake brewery of the Edo period is opened, and sake brewing tools and pictures and photographs that talk about former culture are displayed.
    Please try the taste at the tasting corner.Ginjo sake ice cream with red rice is also recommended.
    【Opening hours】From 9:00 to 16:00
    【closing day】Bon Festival / New Year
    【Admission fee】Free
  • Inoue Shuzo(Seikei Bunko)

    Bank of Japan President the birthplace of the financial Junnosuke Inoue, Junnosuke Inoue, who has served as the Bank of Japan President the Bank of Japan President and the Minister of Finance of Minister of Finance.
    In brewing the original Sake Kakunoi, it has been a brewing using a cold climate and Mt Hiko groundwater.
    【Publication period】[spring]From March 1 to the end of May/Autumn September 1 to the end of November
    【Opening hours】From 10:00 to 17:00
    【closing day】Tuesday
    【Admission fee】300 yen/adult
  • Iichiko Hita Distillery

    Many unique sakes are born in various seasonal places.
    "Chitose Yuzu" made from barley shochu and yuzu juice has a fragrant and elegant taste.
    There is a factory tour corner, and in the shop, you can also Long-term Stored Sake"Original Sake fully made of Koji (malted rice) Long-term Stored Sake Original Sake fully made of Koji (malted rice)" and "Long-term Stored Sake".
    【Opening hours】From 10:00 to 16:00
    【closing day】Tuesday, Bon, New Year's holiday
    【Admission fee】Free
  • Sapporo Beer Kyushu Hita Factory

    In addition to the factory tour (free, no tasting), enjoy a brand experience tour (paid, tasting required reservation).
    【Opening hours】From 10:00 to 17:00(Tour until 16:30)
    【closing day】Every Wednesday from December to April (in the case of a holiday, the next day) / New Year's holiday, temporary closing days
    【Admission fee】free(Paid tour available)*Reservation required

event information

  • Tenryo Hita Ohinamatsuri (doll festival)
    Kusanohonke old houses such as Kusanohonke and Okura, shops and restaurants,
    Cute dolls are lined up here and there in the town.
    You can also enjoy a hearty explanation.

    【Period】Mid February to the end of March
  • Hita River Kawabiraki Sightseeing Festival
    River opening starts the Ukai season.
    Mikuma River Fireworks Festival is held for two days and various events are held,
    The lively summer of Hita begins.

    【Period】Saturday and Sunday after May 20
  • Hita Gion Festival
    Tenryo Hita magnificent and splendid festival that extends the prosperity of Tenryo Hita.
    Forget the time with the appearance of a Yamaboko cruising around the historic townscape.
    National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property.

    【Period】Saturday and Sunday after July 20
  • Hita Tenryo Festival
    Wearing the costumes of that time and walking around the city, the "Saigokusujigundai Assignation Procession" and "Time Period Customs Procession"
    It is just a reproduction of the Tenryo Period.Think of a glamorous era.

    【Period】November 2nd Saturday and Sunday



Tenryo Hita Ohinamatsuri (doll festival)Mid February to the end of March
Oyama Plum FestivalMid-February to mid-March
Mameda Town / Kuma Town Mameda Town Kuma Town Hinamatsuri (doll festival)March 1 to 31
Amagase Onsen FestivalApril
Opening of Tsue Sankei Shaka Mountain RangeApril
Opening of Kamitsue Rhododendron GardenApril to May
Otaue FestivalApril 15
Hita River Kawabiraki Sightseeing FestivalSaturday and Sunday after May 20
Opening of Mikuma River and UkaiMay 20 to the end of October
Yuka FestivalMay
Ontayaki Ware Minto FestivalMay, October 2nd Saturday and Sunday


Kamitsue Valley FestivalJuly
Hita Gion Yamaboko Group Debut2 days before the Gion Festival
Hita Gion FestivalSaturday and Sunday after July 20
Amagase Tanabata FestivalAugust
Hita Summer FestivalMid August
Hita Mikuma River Ayu FestivalSunday after August 20


Hita HojoeSeptember 21 to 25
Taio Gold Mine FestivalOctober
Itsuma KunichiOctober
Ontayaki Ware Minto FestivalMay, October 2nd Saturday and Sunday
Daigyoji Shrine Kappa DanceOctober 16


Hita Tenryo FestivalNovember 2nd Saturday and Sunday
Christmas illuminationAmagase Onsen Town:December to January
Hita City others:December


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