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Founded 60 years ago, it has been popular as a local cooking inn. We have inherited the traditional taste from generation to generation, and have received high praise from everyone for their taste, service and atmosphere.

Beef uses Japanese black beef.
For ayu dishes, we use local fisheries operators to make daily efforts to purchase safe and secure ingredients.
We have a rich menu of river fish such as ayu, eel, and carp, which is called Mizugo Hita.
In particular, eel hot water is one of Hita's local dishes and is a popular and popular dish.
In addition, we use local citron and cabbage as an accent for our dishes.
Please enjoy the food of this facility.

Hospitality dishes utilizing various seasonal ingredients for each season

  • 【Satsuki Specialty】!! Excellent! A blissful plan with "Tenryo Mochibuta Pork’s Yamatoro Large Hot Pot" and 3 sakes

    Tonight's evening drink is sake!  Recommended for those who love sake anyway.
    A set of 3 types of sake.
    First of all, you can choose 3 types of sake you like,
    The sake we have is "Saku", "Tateyama", "Higashiichi Yamada Nishiki" [Yuezhou】
    【Dewazakura】【Harushika】A total of 10 types, "Kitayuki," "Ura Kasumi," "Kubota (Senju)," and "Kubota (Manju)."
    Once you have decided on your favorite sake, please drink it in earnest.(180ml 900 yen to 1600 yen)

    • 【Satsuki Specialty】!! Excellent! A blissful plan with "Tenryo Mochibuta Pork’s Yamatoro Large Hot Pot" and 3 sakes

       Tenryo Mochibuta Pork

      Hita Tenryo Mochibuta Pork&Hita Oyama's Tree Child Used abundantly The finish is full of yam and the mind and body are warm!
      Weekdays 14300 yen per person 16000 yen the day before holidays
  • Satsuki's classic chief chef entrusts seasonal kaiseki plan

    The chief chef's kaiseki kaiseki made with Sankai ingredients.(Approximately 9 to 11 items)
    We will prepare the main dishes recommended for the day.
    Showa modern atmosphere
    Please spend a little luxurious weekday!
    • ~ Story of Satsuki ~ Limited to 2 groups a day A little extravagant!  Chief Chef Random Seasonal Kaiseki plan

      Freshly cooked rice for breakfast

      Please enjoy freshly cooked rice cooked in a special pot.The rice cake on the bottom of the pot is rare now.A well-balanced breakfast with 10 grilled fish and fried eggs.
      1 person Weekdays 16800 yen The day before holidays 22000 yen
  • Dining"Horai"

    There is a delicious talk “Horai”.A mountain considered to be the territory of the immortals where the hermit lives.
    It was named after Mt Horai.
    It also means hospitality dishes to customers, and you can enjoy various seasons every season,
    It can be used as a relaxed restaurant.

    Sit down on a wooden floor and enjoy a gorgeous table.
    Please spend a time away from everyday life in a candy-colored space.
    • Open Hours


      From 18:00 to 21:00


      From 8:30 to 10:00

      Daytime(Reservation required.)

      From 12:00 to 14:00
  • Legal and various celebrations

    We have chairs and tables on the cherry tree floor.
    It is popular with customers who are not good at tatami seats.

    • For legal and various celebrations

      Kaiseki cuisine

      We offer kaiseki cuisine that makes use of seasonal ingredients.We have inherited the traditional seasoning for 60 years.If you have any food that you are not good at, please ask in advance.
      4000 yen to 10000 yen We will prepare according to your budget.
      Period available:
      Reservation required.