【Official】Satsuki Hotel

An inn with only 7 guest rooms full of Japanese atmosphere

Hita, which retains the image of the territory under its direct control, such as the storehouse, Namako wall, and lattice windows.
You can enjoy Girl's Day and button cherry blossoms in spring, Ukai and Yakatabune (houseboat) in summer, and Hita Tenryo Festival in autumn.
It is a convenient 5-minute walk from JR Hita Station, which is convenient for exploring such an elegant town.

【Notice from the hotel】

◆Water Polishing Village Hitatabi Campaign Electronic accommodation vouchers can be used at this facility.
  Please stay and eat.(Takeout is not available)

◆Hita City Regional Consumption Stimulation Premium Gift Certificate Part 4 (electronic/paper) is available.

◆Oita travel discount campaign begins

Appearance of making a strange shop that feels the warmth of wood

  • hearth

    After passing through the goodwill, you will find a candy-colored space.
    There is a hearth in the lobby, and the calm "Japanese" space created by the trees will soothe your mind.
    Providing extraordinary spaces that cannot be enjoyed in everyday life,
    We are committed to providing you with a truly relaxing and satisfying service.
  • Meal

    The most fun part of my trip is cooking,
    Creative dishes using plenty of local ingredients and famous water, Oita,
    It is a dish that can be enjoyed even by changing the bowl every four seasons.
    Our cuisine is very popular with our customers and there are many local repeaters.
    A service that can only be provided because it is a small inn with only 7 rooms,
    I think that you will surely be pleased with your stay.
  • yukata

    In addition, you can choose your favorite yukata at this hotel.
    Enjoy the stroll through the streets of the small Kyoto with yukata.
    In addition, we have a beauty salon in a room that is nice for women.
    Please use it for rewarding yourself who works hard.

    I hope to be able to help you just a little with the excitement of your trip and the encounter and interaction with people.
    We look forward to your visit.

For various gatherings

  • We accept reservations for ceremonies, celebrations, and New Year's parties.

    We accept reservations for ceremonies, celebrations, and New Year's parties.
    The seats on the tatami mats and chairs are very relaxing and relaxing.
    It is popular.

    We use seasonal local ingredients for each season and enjoy it visually.
    We will prepare it for you.

    【Seasonal kaiseki cuisine】
    5,000 yen tax not included

    Reservation required

Satsuki recommended plan

  • Feel free to do as you please★Relaxing plan without meals!

    This is a very affordable accommodation plan that does not include meals.

    The baths are a Shigaraki Ware porcelain bath and Akaishi Bath reserved for private families.
    (You can take a bath 24 hours a day, so please feel free to use it when it's free.) No reservations are required.

    About 3 minutes walk from Hita Station and Hita Bus Center
    Convenience store (7-Eleven) is about 3 minutes walk
    There are restaurants nearby

Satsuki's take-out lunch

  • Satsuki's takeaway lunch

    It is a soft thick-sliced beef tongue that has been carefully baked over charcoal.

    ◆Beef tongue bento 1,780 yen(Tax included)

    ☆Kuroge Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki Box 1,480 yen(Sales are suspended from June to September)
    ☆Thick sliced pork cutlet and Japanese bento            1,840 yen
    ☆Fried shrimp and 100% Japanese beef hamburger steak     1,980 yen
    ☆Wagyu steak and Wagyu bento              2,180 yen

    Please see the other takeout page.

    *We will deliver over 20,000 yen.(Reservation required until the day before)

    ☆You can use hita pay, premium gift certificates, various credit cards, etc.

Satsuki's Kaiseki Lunch Box

  • How about a kaiseki lunch box for various condolences?

    ★Miyabi 2nd 4,870 yen(The one in the image)
    ★Hexagonal two-stage 2,890 yen
    ★Hanakomachi 1,840 yen
    Others will be prepared according to your budget.

    Please make a reservation at least 5 days in advance.

    The contents vary depending on the purchase situation.

2024 We are accepting reservations for New Year's dishes.

  • 2024 Spring Festival Osechi Early bird discount is a good deal

    2024 Reservations for the New Year's special New Year's dishes have begun.

    【Special New Year dishes】 Limited quantity Tax included price 32,400 yen
             4 to 5 servings
             hand over・ ・ ・December 31st 12:00 to 17:00

    ★Great value with early bird discount★
     If you make a reservation between October and the end of November,
     2,400 yen OFF tax-included price 32,400 yen

       Price including tax: 30,000 yen!

    How about a New Year's gathering?
    We look forward to your reservations.

About Oita Travel Campaign

  • Oita travel benefit campaign

    【Campaign period】
    Friday, December 1, 2023 - February 29, 2024(Thursday)(Until checkout on March 1st)
    *Year-end and New Year holidays (not applicable from December 29, 2023 (Friday) to January 3, 2024 (Wednesday))

    ​【About coupons】
    For stays of 6,000 yen or more per person per night
    We will give you an electronic coupon worth 3,000 yen per person per night.(Up to 3 nights)

    ・All travelers must present documents that can verify their identity (name and address)
    ・Own a smartphone to charge electronic coupons (regionPAY)
    ・live in Japan(Short-term trips from overseas are not eligible.)


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Satsuki Hotel


1-1 Honmachi, Hita City, Oita Prefecture

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Go down the Hita IC and turn right at the end.Turn left at the intersection in front of the Tamagawa Bypass Go straight for about 200m on JR Hita Station Ekimae-dori Street
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